Green shopping in London: Clapton Craft in Kentish Town

A beer for every occasion. Except the occasions that require sobriety, that is.

There’s nothing like the telltale sound of a few-too-many wine and beer bottles clattering into the recycling bin to alert your street to the fact that you had a bit of a quiet gathering party the night before.

But it’s glass, and that’s very easy to recycle isn’t it? Well yes, glass is a good option for its recyclable credentials as unlike plastic, it can be made into the same quality of item again and again – a glass bottle can become another glass bottle, whereas a plastic bottle can usually only be downcycled (some more info on downcycling here). But although recycling glass uses less energy and resources compared to making brand new glass, it quite clearly uses much more than simply giving your bottle or jar a quick wash and refilling it.

So, as someone that likes both sustainability and a lovely glass of wine or beer (or both, although not mixed together), I was very happy when Clapton Craft opened up a branch in my neck of the woods, in Kentish Town, north London. Continue reading “Green shopping in London: Clapton Craft in Kentish Town”

Going green and clean for 2016?

Happy new year and welcome to 2016, lovely readers!

What with this being the usual time of year for making resolutions, I thought it might be nice to put together some tips for people who are thinking about embarking on a greener, less waste creating, more eco-friendly 2016 but aren’t sure where to start (and If you aren’t, then why not?).

Like anything new, it can be a bit daunting to start with, and so I’d recommend starting light green before heading down the slippery slope to full on dark green eco enthusiast (although by all means come join us on the journey to darkest green! We are very nice.)

Everything I’m recommending below is done so with the aim that anyone, anywhere in the UK will be able to access, rather than local places. If you have a lovely local eco-friendly shop/co-op/group, please do consider supporting them! Continue reading “Going green and clean for 2016?”

Green Shopping in London: Earth Natural Foods 

Earth Natural Foods, 200 Kentish Town Road, London, NW5 2AE

Open 8.30am – 7pm, Monday to Saturday, closed Sundays
Welcome to the very first in a series that I plan will take me all over London, finding places to shop zero and low waste, local, organic, environmentally friendly and also friendly in general. I’m starting on home turf in north London, but I plan to bravely venture into the centre, east, west and even…south of the river! Exciting times 🙂

My first venue is also the one I visit the most, and have a huge soft spot for. Earth is an amazing place for loose staples – dried herbs and spices, teas, nuts, seeds, rice, beans, lentils, couscous and even eggs. They also have a huuuuuge cheese selection, served up in greaseproof paper (or popped in your own tub if you ask nicely, I’ve found). If you’ve never tried the Godminster Cheddar, you may well be missing out on the most delicious cheddar in existence.

Loose fruit and veg is also a great buy here, with more reasonable prices than many other organic places I’ve found. Continue reading “Green Shopping in London: Earth Natural Foods “