Coming to a calender near you… Plastic Free July!

Last year’s Plastic Free July fails

It’s the most wonderful time…of the year! No, not Christmas, it’s Plastic Free July đŸ™‚

Plastic Free July is an Australian initiative, but people from all around the world take part. It’s been running since 2011, and the PFJ website says that in 2014 ‘over 14,000 individuals, schools, businesses and organisations from 69 countries participated’.

I was already pretty enthusiastic about sustainability and environmental issues before I discovered Plastic Free July. But it was taking part in PFJ last year that really hit it home to me quite how much plastic there is. It’s in everything (I’m looking at you, microbeads). It’s around everything (almost every foodstuff in every supermarket). Then, once you have your stuff containing and surrounded by plastic, you put it in more plastic, in the form of a flimsy, easily-ripped bag, take it home and then either stuff it in the back of the cupboard, or it goes straight into the recycling, never to be used again. Possibly, it’ll be used as a bin liner to hold other bits of plastic before it goes to join all the other unloved bits of plastic in a landfill. Continue reading “Coming to a calender near you… Plastic Free July!”