April has been a month of celebrations – big ones, like birthdays and a wedding, and small ones, like the first warm, sunny day and tiny new shoots from planted seeds.

Both my partner and I had our birthdays in April. But we face the same problem – what to buy people who don’t want more ‘stuff’? No plastic tat, no joke presents, nothing just for the sake of it?

Well, we did ourselves proud. I bought N a voucher for a ‘learn to sail day‘, and well… just one little beautiful item for the house, this air plant.


He loved them! I was equally thrilled with this beautiful cork yoga mat. I’ve recently rediscovered my love for yoga through the wonderful Ange Cooper’s classes, and having a really good mat has actually made me want to practice more often.

Between birthday dinners, cosy gatherings, late nights chatting and drinking wine in the garden, and a big fancy wedding, I’ve felt very grateful for the lovely group of friends I get to share it all with. So this month’s update is less angry environmentalism, and more happiness in the simple pleasures.



This is a picture of our garden a year ago and today! Aside from assembling the shed, we did it ourselves over the past year, with much swearing, mud and sore backs. We’ve also installed a water butt this month, and are waiting for a little pond to be delivered. The plants are small now, but over the next few years we hope it will turn into a flourishing space for flowers, fruit and vegetables.

(If you want to check out the rest of the progress on our little house, you can have a peek over on our Pinterest board)


I am still working my way through Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics, which is very interesting, but the warm weather has been too much of a distraction! I have enjoyed these articles though:

A look at the Japanese concept of ‘ma’ – the space between the objects.

This thoughtful essay on living longer from The Book of Life – “We need to pause and look at one another’s faces, study the evening sky, wonder at the eddies and colours of the river and dare to ask the kind of questions that open our souls.

I’ve been loving the Mr Money Mustache blog from last month, and this column about finding the positives in a potentially less-good situation is one of my favourites so far.


Goodbye for now, my lovely readers – I hope you had a lovely April, and wish you an even happier May!


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