A slightly wonky snap of me from my TV!

This was definitely not a post I was expecting to write, but on Saturday I was interviewed about shopping plastic free for Sky News! One of their reporters got in touch with me via Twitter on Saturday morning following a referral from the lovely Kate at Plastic is Rubbish, and a few hours later, I found myself in one of my favourite places, Earth Natural Foods, being mic-ed up and ready to film.

In all honesty, when I was first asked, my first reaction was to refuse. I feel incredibly awkward and shy at public appearances, and didn’t want to make a fool of myself. But my lovely partner gently persuaded me that it was a good idea, and this was something I truly cared about, and well f*ck it, why not? In addition, the words of a tweet I’d seen earlier in the week flitted across my mind:


So I did. Zero waste is a cause I am massively inspired by, care about, and would love more people to do. If one person gives it a go because of seeing that news item, then it’s all worth it (including the fear of embarrassment)!

The reporter and cameraman from Sky News were both absolutely lovely, really professional and made it much easier and more relaxed than I could have hoped.

You can see the final news item over here on Sky’s website – http://news.sky.com/video/supermarkets-urged-to-create-one-plastic-free-aisle-10764981

Sky really seem to be taking this matter seriously, as they have recently started up Sky Ocean Rescue, a website dedicated to the issue of plastic in the oceans, in addition to releasing a documentary called ‘A Plastic Tide’. You can see more information over at https://skyoceanrescue.com/. Let’s hope that public awareness of the plastic pollution problem and a movement to make real change for good is a trend that is going to continue to grow.

It’s official, I shop plastic free!


5 thoughts on “Plastic free and on TV

  1. Well done, you’ve spread the word far and wide. You are bigger than blogging!

    Ocean plastic is now even becoming an issue for people who don’t normally care about the environment. I was surprised a few weeks ago when some ‘ordinary’ friends were moved by the story of a Scandinavian whale found to have 30 carrier bags in it’s stomach. I still don’t think they would engage with the issue affecting sealife in general but you’re bringing that nearer. Cheers!


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